It's our business to simplify communications. And in our time, we've helped many financial service providers revolutionize the way that they communicate with their subscribers. But it's not just about solving problems, it's also about building relationships. We want clients we like, and who like us, so we try our best to become less like a vendor, and more like a partner. Of course, that's what we say. Why not hear what they have to say about it?


"We are extremely happy with how they're always there for us to make sure the product works for our credit union."

Helen Gibson
Vice President of Marketing & Education
Denver Community Credit Union

"One of my strategic initiatives for the year is automation, and I'm 100% accomplishing that with DocuMatix."

Sarah Cecchin
Vice President of Marketing
1st United Services Credit Union

"As a customer of theirs you feel like a friend by the end of the conversation."

Karina Jacobs
Marketing Director
Heritage Credit Union

"Customer service and support are key to any vendor relationship. DocuMatix has far surpassed my expectations in that area."

Mike Bunner
Vice President of Marketing
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

"Anyone that is looking to do more digital marketing should definitely use DocuMatix as the cornerstone of that resource."

Toby Hayes
Chief Marketing Officer
Cabrillo Credit Union

"I would recommend DocuMatix any day of the week and twice on Sunday."

Steve Hildebrand
Vice President of Marketing
Freedom First Federal Credit Union

"It is easy to use. It's amazing results automatically, and I really think it is a product that everybody should use."

Dana Harris
VP of Marketing & Business Development
Western Sun Federal Credit Union

"For me, it's been a positive at every turn."

Kris Hadley
E-Marketing Strategist
TTCU The Credit Union

"The value of the product to us is helping us be more efficient, and communicating to our members in a manner that they want to be communicated to."

Pamela Hatt
Director of Marketing
Pen Air Federal Credit Union

"The cost vs what we get in return... it's by far our best source of marketing."

Jeff Berard
Marketing Manager
Consolidated Community Credit Union

"It doesn't feel like you're working with a company... it feels like you're working with a friend."

Russell Domingo
E-Marketing Coordinator
Foothill Credit Union

Other Testimonials

"While researching different email-digital marketing vehicles to better communicate with my customers I came across DocuMatix. I can honestly say that their suite of products and services have greatly improved the effectiveness of my marketing campaigns. I can’t say enough about how wonderful their product is. But beyond that, their customer service and relationship focused team is amazing and truly refreshing. They take the time to help, train and explain things as well as keep me updated on all of the new additions and changes that they make. This is a company that really cares about their customers and it shows. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an effective online communication tool and a super support team."

Kelly Collins
Marketing Officer
Monson Savings Bank

"After using another email marketing program for many years I knew when I saw the interface of DocuMatix and the way it functioned that it was the program we needed. The ease of creating and sending emails is unbelievably efficient. But that is only a small portion of the capabilities and bonuses of this program, the events, web forms and surveys have totally opened up our world on internal and customer contact.

More important to me is the their friendly service. Working with many different companies now and in the past there are only a few that rank high on my list of a great customer experience. DocuMatix is at the top. They consistently take care of all of my concerns and needs quickly and gracefully. When I say gracefully I mean they have never made me feel as though my elementary questions were not important to them. They always go beyond what I expect."

Felicia Lewis
Guaranty Bank & Trust

"DocuMatix has been integral to the success of our email marketing. When we decided to increase our electronic communication, DocuMatix stepped in to provide us a solution. Their Product Suite is comprehensive and user friendly, with the ability to allow customized messaging that fits our unique brand needs. We wouldn’t have been able to fully realize our customer experience strategy without an effective electronic communication tool, and their reporting module allows us the increased ability to analyze our email marketing efforts for opportunity growth. What I’ve been most impressed with is their level of dedication to their clients, and their commitment to providing excellent customer service. Whenever I need technical support or have product improvement suggestions, I’m always able to get someone on the phone."

Cody Brockel
First Interstate Bank

"DocuMatix Product Suite has enhanced the communication process between our members and the credit union. This allows us to better focus our marketing efforts and improve productivity."

Lisa Warlick
Truliant Federal Credit Union

"As part of a recent radio and television awareness campaign, we wanted to direct people to our web site to enter a prize drawing by taking an Eligibility Quiz. DocuMatix was an integral part of launching this project. Using their "Web Forms" tool, we created a secure form for the end of the quiz to collect contact information, then worked with DocuMatix staff to tailor the form to our specific needs. And when responses came in, tracking them was a breeze. What could have been a difficult, time consuming project was made easy by DocuMatix and their staff. We wish all our vendors were as responsive as DocuMatix."

Deborah Messersmith
Virginia Credit Union

"At first I was not quite sure that DocuMatix would be able to meet our needs. Let me be the first to say, I WAS WRONG! Northeast Credit Union (NECU) had not sent emails to members other than plain text notifying them that their statement was available to view. And worse, there were no links to view the statement—members had to go to an Internet browser to login and view their statements. The credit union has a policy and communicated that to its members, that NECU would not send emails with links.

DocuMatix helped in getting my team up-to-speed on using the emarketing suite and worked out solutions for our particular needs. The web help videos are great—step-by-step and covers all the areas of the product. The support team are very responsive and have the answers and help on so many different fronts—whether it’s an update to a web form, helping with event listings, or changing a template from the form-based application to a specific HTML email, they get straight A’s from me. Now we are sending emails to members and producing above industry average results and we have just started to tap into what the suite offers.

You might be able to find a comparable product or someone touting the latest and greatest, but I highly doubt that you will get the service that DocuMatix provides."

Gary N. Mellinger
Northeast Credit Union

"The DocuMatix Product Suite is a great tool for any marketing department seeking to connect with it's members or customers through the electronic channel. The suite of products is versatile, easy to use, and extremely integrated. From email capture to email communications with our members, DocuMatix has helped us with our electronic communication strategy. We use the web forms tools for email capture, contests and prize giveaways. We use the email manager tool for email communications with our members, and use the polling tool for fun on our website. We are very happy with DocuMatix, their technical support team is committed to customer service, they review every single email to ensure our links are not broken, and email addresses are correct. They are always there at the other end of the line with a smile helping you out with anything you may need."

Andrea Pruna
St. Mary's Bank

"When electronic communication became an important part of our marketing strategy, my search led me to DocuMatix and I haven’t been disappointed. Their solutions have been cost-effective, and they are constantly improving their product suite. Best of all, they get it when you talk about client service and support."

Domenic DiPillo
VP of Marketing
Merck Sharp & Dohme FCU

"We are a small to medium size Credit Union; and several years ago we were searching for avenues to improve our marketing and informational communications to our members… While, of course improving our ROI. DocuMatix was the perfect fit!

First with DocuMatix services, we replaced our out-dated… printed… costly… quarterly newsletter with a eye-catching monthly e-newsletter, which includes many issues such as: marketing campaigns, credit union services, educational articles and links on budgeting to investments; also we have SEG, member, and employee write-ups; external “Web-site of the Month”; monthly member drawings, etc. And surprisingly, we found with our e-newsletter, members return to it time and time again. They do not just throw it away with the junk mail! Now that’s improving ROI!

Also, we have eliminated our dependency on a number of other vendors, which provided services for our Member Surveys and Polls. Now, with the help of DocuMatix, we do it better and faster; and our members’ response ratio has more than doubled compared to previous member surveys. Our members have noted the ease of completing the surveys compared to written ones that needed to be mailed in.

All of DocuMatix solutions are very user-friendly even for a NON-professional marketing person such as myself. AND the DocuMatix team is always willing to provide a helping hand with a smile."

Lloyd Cockerham
Breco Federal Credit Union